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The Sharing Economy gaining steam and is set to disrupt digital marketing. Desinto has reinvented the process, achieving a people-based platform, engaging potential customers and driving targeted traffic.

Our multi-platformed system offers sufficient gains for both businesses who seek market exposure, and users who seek to earn by sharing attractive ventures.

Desinto is committed to enrich the marketing experience by linking businesses with their desired demographics.

Desinto for Advertisers

Bring geotargeted traffic to your page. Create Viral social media campaigns based on: Age, Location, Gender and Interests.
Follow Click-through and Open Rate statistics in real time.

Get started in few simple steps:

1. Create Campaign in Few Simple Steps
2. Choose Your Target Audience
3. Set Per Click / Per Share Budget
4. Receive Detailed Reports

Desinto For Crowd App

EARN MONEY! Visit web pages. Explore new products. Share on your social media. Collect valuable flyers and discounts.

Get started in few simple steps:
1. Create an Account
2. Set Your Preferences
3. Start Browsing Websites / Flyers / Share on Social Media
4. Receive payments!